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Mirror gold & silver sublimation aluminum sheet

  Mirror gold silver sublimation aluminum sheet could enhance the light efficiency by more than 60% and save energy. The effect of mirror reflection can enlarge the space and show the illusion effect. The rolling surface of the reflective effect enhances the architectural performance of the house. The excellent light reflection performance of the mirror aluminum plate can greatly improve the light efficiency of the lighting, optical and solar equipment, improve the quality of the product, prolong the life of the product, effectively achieve the energy saving, reduce the energy consumption and so on, and meet the customer's demand for the albedo of aluminum.
  The surface of the gold silver mirror has a bright surface, such as mirror, high surface hardness, the surface hardness of sapphire, good scratch resistance, no paint cover on the surface, retaining the metal color of the aluminum plate, highlighting the modern metal sense, improving the grade and added value of the product. No fingerprints, no stain marks, easy to clean, no corrosive spots. The golden silver surface is suitable for interior decoration, sign, sign, bag, jewelry box, household appliance panel, electronic product shell, furniture kitchen, interior and exterior decoration and so on. It is very suitable to be used as the decorative function of the product.
  Mirror gold silver sublimation aluminum sheet, could enhance 60% above 

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Mirror silver aluminium sublimation sheetMirror gold aluminium sublimation sheets