Mohammed AlSharekh


Mr. Mohammed AlSharekh, was born in 1942. He is married with four children Fahed, AlAnoud, Abdullah, and Manayer. Mr. AlSharekh has a Bachelors degree in Economics from Cairo University (1965) and a Master Degree in Economic Development from Williams College, Massachusetts, USA (1968). Mr. Mohammed AlSharekh held many governmental positions in Kuwait. - 1969-73: Deputy Director General, The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. - 1973-75: Executive Director, Internatiaonal Bank for Reconstruction and Develpoment (I.B.R.D.)/World Bank, Washington D.C., USA. - 1975-79: Founding Chairman/Managing Director, The Industrial Bank of Kuwait. From 1980, Mr. AlSharekh devoted his time to build his personal business ventures, and in particular Sakhr Software. Mr. AlSharekh enjoys Classical Music, Arabic Literature, and writes fiction.

With his company, he has introduced the Arabic language into computers and technology. In 1982, Al-Sharekh launched Sakhr Software Co. with the mission to adapt computer and communication techniques to meet the unique requirements of the Arabic language. He is the first person to enter Arabic language by computer.